League administrators can personalize the statistics/data the they want to display on each page. (e.g. Leaders, Player game Log, Box scores and statistics etc.)

If pages are not active see HERE for basic guide. 

1. Users should ensure the page is first active, and is set up correctly (Name, Link and title of statistical table set)

2. Users can now customize using both the +/- Symbols or drag and drop options. 

3. Some page will have multiple "Fields" Available - Users can set up all of these fields or simply leave the left hand column (Display Column) Blank with not title set and the field/table will not display on the site. 

*Note. When using the drop and drag displays the order in which these are set via the admin page is the same order in which these will be displayed on the website*

Once you have configured the stats to meet the needs of your league you will see those statistics displayed on your website through the hosted solution.