Customizing and Ordering the Statistical Display

You can personalize statistics/data want to display on each page (e.g. Team's/Player's Statistics, Preview and Summary of the Matches, Box scores, etc.).

1. User first should ensure the page is active and is set up correctly (Name, Link and Title are set):

2. After that in Fields 1 area the Title of Statistics List should be selected and any desired stats criteria should be selected using and - symbols:

Some pages will have multiple Fields (in other words - tables) available - to avoid overloaded display user can split desired criteria across those separate tables. To do so at least two tables should be set up. If multiple tables are not desired, left column (Display Column) should be blank and no title set - that particular table will not be displayed on the page. 

The order in which criteria is arranged in set up page determines Widget (Hosted Solution) display. To change the order simply drag and drop criteria.

3. Once settings on each page have been selected, user should Save the page. All changes appear in  preview page, where XXX - is your client code provided by Genius Sports.

Recommendation. To reach the best display result, make configurations under ALL pages in Widgets (Hosted Solution) admin.