Adding New Competitions to Your Existent FIBA LiveStats Widget

Once FIBA LiveStats Widget is created, you can edit and update it at any time - you do not need to create a new widget when competition or season is ended. 

Enter your Widget Manager, click on existing widget ->

-> move to Step #2, click Add new data source button ->

-> In Data Sources tab select a league, write down a YEAR (mandatory) and a competition -> click Add.

Example. If you create competition under season 2021 in FIBA Organizer or in your CMS, you should write 2021 in the field Year. If you create competition under season 2020-2021, you should use 2020, even the competition name is Cup 2021, because the entry "year" describes which year competition has started.

Newly added competition will appear in the FIBA LiveStats Widget, you do not need to copy the implementation code from Step #4 again, it stays the same.

More about configuration of FIBA Livestats Widget you can read in this article