When setting up a LiveStats V6 widget on an external website you will be sent a widget code by your league administrator and SP staff member similar to that displayed below.

Simply follow the prompts to embed the widget on your website:

Place this code where you want the content to appear (below)

<!-- xxxx-Medrec - SportingPulse Widget -->
<div id = "spw_D4HW57GWFL58FQOSMCCNLYMJD3PF04"></div>

Place this code at the bottom of the HTML body (below)

<!-- xxxx-Medrec - SportingPulse Widget -->
window.spw_F9H67AGWSL18FAGSMOCALDMJQOPZ04 = {};

There are 3 types of widgets available - Horizontal, Full Page and Medium Rectangle. Should you require examples of these please contact us and we will send you the necessary links.