Game Center - Overview

Game Center URLs provide a dynamic live game/stats experience that evolves in real-time (from pre-game to live game action) as games are being played and statistics are recorded in FIBA LiveStats.

Fans and basketball stakeholders worldwide are provided with detailed web-based game stats (summary, player and team varieties) that display key performance metrics in a visually engaging manner.

Available in over 20 languages. Game Center renders automatically for mobile, tablet and PC devices.

When you will enter to your Game Center Manager you will see 3 tabs:

  • Accounts - useful if you are managing more than one league. Here you will be able to switch from one account to another
  • Settings - you will be able to add Twitter account, manage name formatting, languages, efficiency coefficients, etc.
  • Matches - you will be able to get match keys for past and future games, to open Game Center of specific game, add video URL for each game

URLs to our support articles related to sections:
  • Settings

  • Matches