Old Sync Process (via LiveStats Sync)

The old sync process involved the following steps prior to a weekend fixture/schedule: Membership Sync > LiveStats Sync > retrieve game keys and links from live.sportingpulse.com

Match data would then be imported into FO at the end of a round via another LiveStats Sync.

The pre-match/post-match process has now changed with LiveStats V6 - Refer to steps below:

New Sync Process (via SPI Warehouse Sync)

The new sync process to generate game keys and Webcast links is as follows:

1) Complete a Membership Sync (via Upload to Web) to update team rosters and player info/stats

2) Configure matches for LiveStats Upload via Daily Admin > Full Match Entry > Edit Game Status:

3) Upload database to the SPI Datawarehouse via Upload to Web to complete sync:

Game keys and Webcast links will then be generated in your new LiveStats League Account.

Post-Match Process from LiveStats

When a match in LiveStats has finished and Finalise Game has been selected by the scout/statistican - All you need to do is complete another SPI Datawarehouse sync in FIBA Organizer (see above) to retrieve this match data. You can then rebuild stats and standings.

Note: LiveStats V6 is not compatible with FIBA Organizer 7.3 - If you intend to use LiveStats V6 you will need to upgrade to version 7.4 of FIBA Organizer also. To do so you will need to submit a help request containing your name, organisation details and Gmail address.