The purpose of this article is to outline the procedure and equipment required to utilise the LiveStats backup solution. Please refer to the following information:

Equipment required

  • 2 x PC with Windows 7/8/10 and FIBA LiveStats V6 installed
  • Local Area Network
  • Network/Ethernet Cable

The Primary (Server) PC and the Backup (Client) PC must be networked via local area network


1. The operator of the Primary PC will download and setup a game using the match key provided, ensuring that 'Capture Back up Log' is selected during the set up. 

2. Then activate the Backup Server on the Primary PC via FILE > BACKUP SERVER. Once started you will see a dialog box that shows the connection status. 

3. At this point the Backup PC operator needs to select "This is a back up computer" Via Tools > Configuration on the home/menu screen. 

4. Then activate the back up server by selecting FILE > BACKUP CLIENT. You will then need to enter the Port and IP address to connect to the Primary PC.

This will be visible on the server machine (Main PC) console when started. 

5. Once entered and Start selected (providing the details match and network is setup correctly) > Backup (Client) will connect and load the game from Primary (Server) PC

Once completed, the Backup PC operator should have full functionality available to Webcast and print reports as required. Should an issue occur with the Primary PC the Backup PC operator can become the Primary PC operator at any time by selecting “Activate Game”.

If the Backup Client is ever required, the Webcast and TV Feed will need to be restarted on the Backup PC as they will not reconnect automatically.

Note: Upon restarting the Primary PC it should be setup as the new Backup PC