The latest release of LiveStats V6 includes a "configuration" option via Tools > Configuration (see image below) that will allow for the following:

1) FIBA/SportingPulse version selection option (SportingPulse by default)

Note: The SportingPulse Webcast will not connect if FIBA version is selected.

The FIBA version should only be selected if LiveStats is being used at an official FIBA event and the statistician has been instructed to do so by FIBA staff and the LOC.

2) Player box score options and ability to select default box score report

3) Ability to select default printer for report printing in-game

4) Statisticians can also add a Header and Footer logo to be added to the printed reports, using the configuration set up under the Reports tab > Report Images as seen below. It is important that statisticians use images with the following specifications ( 100 pixels x 100pixels- Header) and (65 pixels H x 719 pixels W- Footer).