To operate FIBA LiveStats you must first download, install and register the software. This is a simple process as follows:

If you have not already done so then open your internet browser and go to and choose the download link for Fiba LiveStats. You will have to enter some details (including your email address), after which you will be sent an email detailing some important information that you will need to use FIBA LiveStats and test the webcast. Please keep a record of this information.

Click the link to download the software. You will see a window similar to this. Click Save File.


Note: (You will need about 6 megabytes of space on your hard drive to save the installation file. Once installed the software will take approximately 12-15 megabytes permanently on your hard drive.)
Once the software is downloaded, click Open.


 You may receive this warning – if you do then click OK

You will be presented with this question Click Yes

The setup wizard will now be presented, click Next > to continue with the setup.

Complete your User Name and Organisation then click Next >.


Ensure you accept the default location for FIBA LiveStats Installation and click Next >.


Accept the default Start Menu Folder Shortcuts and click Next >.


The Software is now ready to install, provided everything is ok for you then click Install.


The software will now install on your computer, and should just a few minutes. Once the installation has been completed, you will see the following screen, click Finish to launch the application.