[ TV FEED ] New "Electron" doesn't work

Until now we were very happy with regular version of LiveStats, running on Win7. And we pulled that off as long as possible. But laptops eventually failed because of old age.  So - reluctantly - we had to move on to Win10 Pro and - because it's really hard to find a device with CPU older than 11th gen, we had to install "Electron" version.

We tried it for the first time last night and... it doesn't even allow a connection ("...Connection refused"... - a standard TCP exception on CG client). Between CG system and new LiveStats laptop we have pings. So it's not a network issue. In LiveStats Electron "TV FEED" indicator is perfectly green, but there is no connection and - obviously - no stream. Someone fortunately has his own old Win7 laptop and we installed quickly latest, but not "Electron" version and it started immediately and was working beautiful.

CG clients are on Win10Pro for a very long time. we only kept LiveStats on Win7.

We can't continue with Win7. Please advise - is it some Windows 10 issue (although I tried disabling Windows Defender) or is it some "Electron" version that maybe have a completely different protocol?



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