We had a discussion about awarding an assist.

in the following situation.

If you pass to a player where a foul is made on by receiving the ball and the defender's team has more than 4 team fouls.

The player may take free throws and make at least one free throw

Assist or not?

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Hello Marc,

assist is given only if the foul is called in the act of shooting (referee is pointing fingers in the air). If the foul is personal (referee is pointing to the ground) and free throws are awarded only because of team bonus, there can be no assist. To illustrate this I gave you to discuss this video in the workshop (no team bonus here though).

You should not mix assist criteria with fast break points criteria where if a personal (non shooting foul) stops fast break situation free throws because of team bonus would be calculated as fast break points - to remember I have shown this video



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