Other turnover type

What exactly the "Other" turnover by team or a player?  An example, if you can mention, will be much helpful to understand the concept.

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Hello Rakesh,

This is the explanation of "Other" turnover with some examples:

"Other" turnover type should be selected when none of the turnover types available can cover the situation on the court (rare cases). As an example when it can be used for a team turnover - when wrong player has performed free throws (in this case free throws are cancelled and possession goes to the other team and for this reason the "Other" turnover has to be assigned to the team). In personal turnover cases for now I can think an example when the player throws deliberately (do not mix with accidental scoring!) the ball to his basket (in this case points do not count and the team looses the possession, so it should be player "Other" turnover).

In the meantime, in case there are any other inquiries, please let us know. 

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