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Fiba live stats and livestream

Hi, I would like to integrate data from FLS in to livestream software and youtube. Does anybody knows about software on market which is able to take data from FLS and put it in live stream sw? Maybe Wirecast or Vmix or OBS..... Thank you

It depends on what data you want to integrate.
If you want to take the screen & import it to VMix you can do so using their supplied NDI utility VMix Desktop Capture.This works over ethernet.
You can then scale the imported screen & position it in a window on the main display so that it is continuously displayed together with the main content being streamed. Alternatively, you can have it as a screen to be displayed as & when you determine
VMix has a wide variety of things & ways that they can be imported.
Although I have used VMix a lot for streaming basketball games, I haven't wanted or needed to integrate FLS yet as my scoreboard/timeclock and individual foul information are software run on separate computers & can readily be imported into VMix using VMix Desktop Capture.

I also use VMix and data i would to integrate in live stream are: complete team statistic, players stats, rebounds, points scored per player etc....... all data wich we can see on TV, :)

Mi goal is to make and to show complete game statistics during the live stream. But, I need help to do that :)

I think you'll need the paid-for version of FLS to get that data out of it.
Version 7 of FLS has a menu item for in-facility output, but it is greyed-out in the standard version.

As I don't currently intend to stream all that info', I don't have the paid-for upgrade of FLS so don't know what format the in-facility output is presented in.

I guess you'll have to get that info' from Genius Sports.

I think it is a great idea & wish you well with your efforts - I may well be looking to do the same in the future when my streaming develops further.

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