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XML/JSON API to fetch the score/time from the LAN of the Livestats instance


We need to embed the score and the time in our video stream and we want to connect our camera software to the local instance of Livestats because the webcast is updated with a too big delay. Is it possible to expose a web service that just responds with the current time and score? We will code ourselves the widget that creates a video stream that is to be embedded in the live game video :) I promise to open source it for the community once done.



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Hi Veliko, 

Are you able to confirm which league you working with? There is a live TV feed available directly via the FIBA Livestats program, however this is a premium product and comes at a cost. 

Please let me know further details about your league and we can provide information as needed. 

Best Regards, 

GS Support team

Depending on the streaming software you are using and the type of time clock/scoreboard, it is possible to integrate the score and time directly & independently of  Livestats.

If you use VMix as your mixing/streaming software & have a computerised clock/scoreboard, it is possible to import the clock/scoreboard computer's screen display into VMix, using their supplied NDI utility VMix Desktop Capture, over ethernet.

Alternatively, if your scoreboard is a more traditional one, it is possible to have a separate consumer video camera pointing at the clock/scoreboard display and import the HDMI signal (or SDI using a converter) into VMix as an additional camera input. I have successfully used a Canon Legria HFR68 (£200 approx) in such a situation. For this duty the camera fps was 25 whilst the scoreboard lights were running at the native UK electrical supply frequency,

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