1. Open game via League Games list (~ with License key that has TV Feed enabled) and proceed through Game Setup workflow as normal
  2. At the end of the Game Setup workflow - select Yes when prompted: "Would you like to run this game in TV Feed Test mode?"
  3. You will now be in TV Feed Test mode (clearly visible - replaces Webcast connection status in the FLS interface) and can enter actions for testing
  4. In case any Game Setup changes need to be made during testing - Go to File > Close TV Feed Diagnostics, make the necessary changes at any of the "Game Setup" steps, and then select Yes when prompted to again run the game in TV Feed Test mode with the latest updates applied
  5. To exit TV Feed Test mode after the TV Feed has been tested, simply select File > Close TV Feed Diagnostics and then File > Home

For more in depth instructions - Please refer to the below overview with screenshots.


This article explains how to perform TV Feed Diagnostics for the purposes of checking LiveStats real (production) game data output presentation on client-side (TV Feed subscribers') applications. When this feature is enabled, LiveStats creates a copy of a real (production) game which is then scouted in a TV Feed Test mode without triggering external connectivity to neither Stats Engine nor Webcast.

TV Feed Diagnostics should usually involve interaction between the following Actors:

  • Statistician: A person who operates the application to record data in real-time
  • TV Feed Subscriber: A person who operates a certain client which is used to connect to LiveStats application for the purpose of receiving real-time game data feed of the game


For TV Feed Diagnostics to be accessible and operational:

  • Statistician uses a Game License which allows LiveStats TV Feed feature to be enabled (License option "Allow TV Feed?" = Yes)
  • TV Feed Subscriber is connected to a LiveStats application once LiveStats TV Feed Test mode is enabled

Diagnostics Workflow for License-based Games (League Games list)

In order to run TV Feed Diagnostics on a game from a League Games list, the Statistician needs to:

1. Add Licence key provided by League Manager

2. Click on the Open button on a selected game under League Games:

3. Go through the whole Game Setup workflow by clicking on the Save & Confirm button in the last step of the workflow.

4. TV Feed Diagnostics dialog will always open if your license enables TV Feed connection. Please note, that you can click No if you do not want to run the diagnostic tool and want proceed directly to the game. 

5. Click Yes in the TV Feed Diagnostics prompt to run the game in TV Feed Test mode. At this point, FLS creates an isolated copy of the game which is not capable of establishing Stats Engine/Webcast connections.

After that:

  • TEST MODE Indicator replaces Webcast connection indicators to provide a clear visual clue on current operative mode

  • TV FEED Indicator shows if (and how many) a TV Feed Subscriber(s) is connected

  • Statistician is able to enter any desired Game Actions to replicate the scouting process
  • TV Feed Subscriber receives Game Events to evaluate game data output in real-time

In case any Game Setup edits should be made for further testing game setup data output, the Statistician needs to:

1. Click on the File->Close TV Feed Diagnostics menu item.

2. Apply required changes at any of the Game Setup step(s)

3. Click Yes in the TV Feed Diagnostics prompt to run the game in TV Feed Test mode. 

After TV Feed has been tested, to exit TV Feed Diagnostics mode, the Statistician needs to:

1. Click on the File->Close TV Feed Diagnostics menu item.

2. Click on the File->Home menu item.

Please Note:

  • Once a League Game appears within Existing Games list (which is expected FLS behaviour when a game is saved in local FLS storage), TV Feed Diagnostics can then be initiated via the Run TV Feed Diagnostics option in the drop-down (future FLS releases will enable TV Feed Diagnostics to be initiated only via this drop-down option)

  • Once a League Game has been tested for TV Feed Diagnostics purposes, the Statistician will be able to open the game normally from the list of Existing Games

  • Although a separate feature, Game Data Mismatch is also quite relevant to TV Feed testing

Diagnostics Workflow for Game Loaded via Match Key

TV Feed test workflow is the same after Match Key is entered and game setup is started.