Using the WYSIWYG Editor

Many section types have a ‘What You See Is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG) Editor that enables the website editor to create and format the content of the page. There is html code behind your page content, although the WYSIWYG Editor means you do not actually see the html; all you need to do is create your page by entering and formatting information.

The WYSIWYG Editor enables you to easily add and format text – bold, underline, italic, font size and font colour, as well as insert images, create tables and bullet lists, and insert hyperlinks. Your page will display exactly as it looks in the field.



Add Images via the WYSIWYG editor

  1. Locate your image in the media library.
  2. Find and copy the location of your image.
    Internet Explorer users: Right click on the image and go to properties. Copy the link of the image (it is best to right click on the link and select all before you copy so that you can be sure you have copied the whole url).
    Chrome/Firefox users: Right Click on the image and select view image in new tab. Simply copy the url from the address bar.          
  3. Go to the section where you want to add an image eg Full Page. In the WYSIWYG editor you will see an insert image icon click this.
  4. Paste in the url of your image and click Insert              

To have the original size of the image display, change the end of the url from "S.jpg" to "O.jpg" this will upload the image at the original size it was uploaded to the media gallery. 


Hyperlink images in the WYSIWYG editor

  1. Select image then click the hyperlink icon                          
  2. Input desired link and press insert.                                


Hyper linking text to documents from your Media Library:

1 - Upload pdf or other document in the Media Library
2 - Copy the File Link URL of that particular file
3 - To embed a hyperlink to a document in your website first highlight the word(s) you would like linked (for example "click here"), then click on the Hyperlink link icon.
4 -  In the box that opens you need to input the File Link from the Media Library
5 - Select open in new window
6 - Click OK