Additional options are available for some sections in regards to the way they appear on your website. A summary of configuration options is provided in the table below:

Section Option Description
News Article list design Choose from: news summary, news detail, news fading, or documents
Detail article design: news detail, news summary
Sort options: chronological, alphabetical, manual
Display dates on items – yes or no
Profile Display format Select from profile detail, profile summary or profile image list
Customise up to 16 field names that appear for each profile
Social Calendar Article list design Detail or summary
Sort options – manual, alphabetical, chronological
Logo Display In header or top of navigation bar
Photo Gallery Layout Normal or scroll
Remote Content Article list design External content including detail, external news details only

To access these options, right click on the section you want to configure and select ‘Configure’. This will take you to the configuration page for that section, where you can select and save your preferences.