Click on Configuration on the Forum Options menu.

None of the Configuration options are compulsory; however they will assist you in controlling the forum and provide useful information and instructions to users.

Forum Name: Display a name for your forum. 
Forum Description: You may like to add a brief description of your forum.
Welcome Notice: This text displays above the listing of topics. It can be used to give information about the forum and what should and should not be said.
Posting Notice: This text displays above text box on the page when adding a new post. It can be used to give information about the forum and what should and should not be said.
New Topics & Posts: Select who is able to start new topics and post comments on the forum – ‘All Users’, ‘Only members of your myCommunity’ or ‘Only Moderators’.

Activate the Forum

  1. Return to the Site Administration Control Panel
  2. Click on Content Manager
  3. Right click on the forum section and tick ‘Active’


Manage Moderators 

Click on Manage Moderators from the Forum Options menu. Website editors are automatically assigned as Moderators of the forum. It is not a requirement to be a Website Editor in order to be a Forum Moderator.

To authorise additional Moderators to your forum, they must firstly register with SP Passport. Once they have confirmed this, enter the person’s email address (used in their SP Passport registration) and click on Add.



Manage Banned Users 

Click on Managed Banned Users from the Forum Options screen.

You will see a list of people banned from posting on your forum. People banned by the moderator will appear in this list. To remove a ban from a person, click on the Remove link next to their name.



Moderate a Forum 


A Moderator has the ability to regulate the forum through a number of actions. These actions, listed below, are accessed through icons on the forum that are only visible to Moderators.

Important: The Moderator must be logged into mySport in order to see the Moderator options. 


Topic Options
  Delete Topic – permanently delete a topic from the forum
  Close Topic – stops anyone from posting further comments on that topic
  Make Topic Sticky – puts that topic at the top of the forum index

Post Options


Ban User – click on this link to prevent someone from posting comments on a forum. A banned user will appear in the ‘Manage Banned Users’ area of the Forum Options.

Edit a Post – make a change to any comment posted on the forum

Delete a Post – permanently delete a comment