Invite New Members 

Click on Invite New Members from the Communicator Options menu. Before members can be added to your mailing list, they must accept your invitation. To send an invitation to new members, enter their email addresses (make sure they are separated by a comma), type your message and click on Send Invitation.


View Mailing List Members 

Click on View Mailing List from the Communicator Options menu. From here you can see your entire mailing list, or the mailing list groups that you have created by selecting them from the drop down box.

You can email individuals from here, simply by clicking on their email address. You can also see how many members are subscribed in total and in each group.


Manage Groups 

Click on Manage Groups from the Communicator Options menu. Your existing groups will be listed. From here you can manage existing groups or create new groups.

To create a new group:

  1. Type in the group name (eg. Committee) and click the Add New Group button. Your newly created group will appear in the list of Mailing List Groups.
  2. To add or remove members from any group, click on the Manage Members link for the group you wish to amend.
  3. The next screen will then allow you to add or remove members from this group. 

You can also rename or delete a group using the links provided.


Email Configuration 

Click on Email Configuration from the Communicator Options menu. The Configuration screen allows you enter the email address that emails sent through Communicator will come from. All replies will be sent to this address.


Send Email 

Click on Send Email from the Communicator Options menu. To compose an email message, select who you are sending it to from the drop down menu (all members or a group of members) and then write the message. Use the message editor to format your email message.