From the Media Library, tick the Public checkbox corresponding to the Album you wish to display as a gallery on the Photo Gallery section of your website. If this is the first time you are making an album public, then a Photo Gallery page will automatically be created. 

Note: You are not required to press anything for this tick to take effect. Once you have ticked a checkbox, simply click 'Website Editor Control Panel' to return to the main screen.

In the Content Manager, go to the Photo Gallery page and click Active. 


View a Photo Album from the Website

To view a photo album and its contents go to a Sportzware Website and click on the Photo Gallery in the menu.


The list of public galleries will appear. Click on a Gallery to open it.


The gallery window will open. The numbers describe the various functions.

  1. Click on the Arrows to navigate to the next/ previous photo.
  2. Click on a Thumbnail to view the full image.
  3. Click on Next/ Previous to view thumbnails for the next 9 photos.
  4. Click on Return to Galleries to return to the Standard Website Photo Gallery page.
  5. Click onHome to return to the Standard Website home page.