The Page Headers area enables you to choose from a variety of sport-specific headers and generic headers for your site.

From the Website Editor Control Panel, click on Customise your Website

Click on Page Headers

This will take you to the Choose Header page, where you can select which page header you would like for your website.

  1. Click on the white check circle next to the page header you wish to choose
  2. Click on the Save button 


The SportingPulse graphic design team is also able to create custom headers using your Association or Club’s colours and images (at a fee for service).

Alternately, you may wish to create your own header design which we can upload to your website for you.

The custom designed header needs to adhere to the following:

  • Dimensions: Size 996px w by 140px h (The height of the header can be between 100px and 140px. The width is fixed at 996px).
  • Format: .jpg

If you'd like your own header design to be uploaded to your website please use the 'Submit a Request' button at the top of the page to submit a ticket. Make sure when submitting your ticket you attach the image file of the header and provide a link to your website.