The News pages within Standard and Advanced websites are able to be configured to display your news articles in a cleaner and more prominent manner. The three News Templates shown below will provide you with an improved display of your news articles.


To customise your News Templates:

     1.    Log in to the Website Editor by clicking on the Website Editor button in the bottom left corner of your website.

     2.    Click on Content Manager

     3.    Right click on your News page and click on Configure


     4.    In the Article List Design drop down list select one of the Fading News templates (templates shown below)


    5.    Click on Save to update the changes



Fading News Option 1 (ideal image size 323px wide x 221px high)

Will display like this:


Fading News Option 2 (ideal image size 506px wide x 357px high)

Will display like this:


Fading News Option 3 (ideal image size 650px wide x 295px high)

Will display like this:

Click on Save to update the changes