This section allows you to set up an opinion poll in the sidebar of your website. Site Members can vote on a poll and then view the poll results. A person must be registered with MySport in order to be able to vote on a poll. You can change the poll as often as you like, but only one poll can be displayed on your website.




To add a Poll to your right hand column:

  1. From the Website Editor Control Panel, click on Widget Manager.
  2. If your website does not already have a Poll, click on the Add New Widget drop down list, select Poll, and click on Add New Section.

  3. Right click on the Poll section and select Edit.

  4. The currently active poll will be displayed at the top of screen. Below this will be blank fields for creating a new poll. Enter the details in the fields provided and click on Submit Opinion Poll.

  5. Each time you add a new poll, the new poll will become the currently active poll on your website and the previous poll will be added to the archive. To view archived polls, click on the ‘Showing‘ drop down box and select ‘Archived‘.