This section allows you to add multiple news items. The box at the top of the screen displays your list of active news items. As with editing a Full Page, there are several options available – Edit an Item, Photo/File Admin and Delete an Item. The new option is 'Add New Item’, because you can create multiple items (ie. news articles) to a news section.


Add a News Item

  1. When you edit a News section from the Content Manager you will see blank fields for adding a new entry. You can add a new news item at any time by clicking on the Add New Item icon.

  2. Enter the article title (compulsory field).
  3. Enter a short article description of up to 400 characters. On your website, this will be displayed in the list of news items on the main news page.
  4. Enter the article content. Here you can enter text, tables, images, bullet lists, hyperlinks, and format text using the WYSIWYG Editor.
  5. If you wish, the article can both appear and be removed from the news display after a certain date. To set an activation or expiry date, enter the date in the fields provided. After the expiry date the article will be moved to the archives folder.
  6. If you intend to include images separately, select whether you want images to display on the left or right of the article.
  7. If you are finished, click on Save. Repeat this process for each news item.
  8. If you wish to upload an image or attach a file to the news item, click on Save and Edit Images/ Attachments.

Adding an Image or File
  1. For instructions on adding files and images see the Media Library
  2. To remove existing images and files click on ‘Delete Image’ or ‘Delete File’ above the thumbnail of the image/file.

Edit a News Item

To make changes to an existing news item:

  1. Highlight the news item you wish to edit by clicking on it. Click on ‘Edit Item’.
  2. The existing article information and content will be displayed. Make the desired changes to the news item.
  3. When finished modifying the news item, click on ‘Save’, or ‘Save and Edit Images/Attachments’ to add new or remove existing images and files.

Delete a News Item
  1. Highlight the news item you wish to delete. Click on the ‘Delete Item’ icon.
  2. A message will appear saying ‘Are you sure you wish to delete this entry?’ Click on ‘yes’. This will permanently delete the news item.

View archives

News items that have been given an expiry date will be moved into the archives folder once they reach their expiry date (when setting an expiry date it must be at least a day into the future). This means that the item is not deleted but stored for future reference or access. To view archived items:

  1. Under the box displaying the list of news items, next to ‘Showing’, there is a drop down menu. Click on the drop down menu and select ‘Archives’.
  2. Click on ‘Filter’. All archived items will be displayed. They can then be viewed, edited, deleted, or re-activated by changing the expiry date.


For options regarding sorting the date display, article list display and order of appearance of news items, go to Configure Sections.