Associations that use Sportzware Central to upload their competitions to their website will now see an additional section in the Widget Manager called ‘Club Links‘. This provides quick access to any club website.


 By adding club logos, they will also appear on the Club Websites page:


To set up a club/links logo section in your right hand column:

  1. The Club Links section should appear in your right hand column. To confirm this, click on Widget Manager from the Site Administration Control Panel - there should be a page titled 'Club Links'.
  2. To set whether your Club Links display as a list or logos you need to return to the Site Admin Control Panel and click on Customise Your Website

  3. Click on Advanced Configuration.

  4. Click on Other Configuration.

  5. Go to the second option on the ‘Other Configuration‘ screen – ‘Club List (Widget) format‘ – and select from ‘Drop Down List‘ or ‘Icons‘*.

  6. Click on Save Options.
  7. Return to the Widget Manager, right click on the ‘Club Links‘ section and tick the Active box to activate it.

* If you select the "Icons" option, each club will need to have its logo uploaded to its club website. If your clubs have not done this themselves (or don‘t use their club website), association website editors are able to log into the admin area of their club‘s websites and upload club logos themselves.