Hide Competitions

  1. From the Website Editor Control Panel, click on Comp Options underneath the Manage Display heading.
  2. The Competition Options screen allows you to do two things:
    1. Set a feature competition which will be anchored to the top of the list on the Fixtures/Results page:
      -  Select a feature competition by choosing it from the drop down list
    2. Hide competitions from appearing on the website:
      -  Tick the boxes corresponding to the competitions you wish to hide.
  3. Click on Update to save the changes


Manage Players (Team Only Option)

This option will appear in the Site Administration Control Panel for team websites only. Team websites are created when an association uploads a competition from Sportzware Central. Players entered into the team through Sportzware Central will appear on the team website. This is a profile section and works in exactly the same way as a normal Profile section by allowing you to edit player profiles for the team.

Because the players are uploaded from Sportzware Central, this section cannot be edited through the Content Manager. This information will still be visible on the team website even if you choose to activate the Copy Club Content option.