This section can display your sponsor logos (and links to their websites) in the right hand column of your site. The ‘Sponsor Information‘ section is best utilised by setting it to ‘rotate‘ mode. This will increase the size of the sponsor images to 200 x 200 pixels (compared to 100 x 100 pixels when set to display as a ‘list‘).

Please note that the Sponsor Information section in your Widget Manager is not linked to the Sponsor Information section in any way; these are separate sections and as such information needs to be entered into both sections separately.


To set up sponsor logos in your right hand column:

  1. From the Website Editor Control Panel, click on Widget Manager.
  2. If you do not already have a ‘Sponsor Information‘ section on your website, select ‘Sponsor Information‘ from the ‘Add New Widget‘ drop down list and click on Add New Section.                     
  3. Right click on the ‘Sponsor Information‘ section and from the menu select Configure.                     
  4. From the ‘Layout‘ drop down list, select Sponsors – Side List Rotating.

  5. There are two more configuration options available – (1) to display borders around sponsor logos and (2) to display a heading (eg. 'Our Sponsors') above the sponsor logos. Set your preferences and click on Save Configuration.


Adding/Editing Sponsor Information in your Widget

To add your sponsor’s information (including a logo) into the widget:

     1. Right click on the ‘Sponsor Information’ widget and click ‘Edit

     2. Enter in your Sponsor’s information as you need. You can include the Sponsor Name, a Caption, a URL link to their website and a logo or image file (either from your media library or directly from your computer hard drive).


     3. Click ‘Save’ to update your widget


To Add/Edit/Delete any sponsor information you have entered in to your widget, click on the appropriate button in the right hand corner.