As a League or Association, you hold the keys to controlling the website editor access for all of your Club's websites. Many clubs don't even know that they have a free SP Standard website available to them, so it's a good PR/relationship building exercise for you to firstly build the awareness of this amongst your clubs, and secondly give them access to their site. 

So what do you have to do? Simple. First get them to sign up to SP Passport if they haven't already, then you need to authorise them, see below:

  1. Go to your Standard/Advanced website and find the club's site that you want to authorise (if you can't find your club websites section, you may have renamed it or made it inactive within your content manager).
  2. Click on Website Editor and login with your SP Passport email/password (please note: your Passport will need to have editor access to the Assoc/League Standard website for this to work).
  3. Click on the Authorisation menu underneath Manage Settings.
  4. Enter in the Passport email address of the person that you wish to authorise as the editor of this club website.