YouTube Widget

This new section of the widget enables you to stream videos from your YouTube channel onto your website. Once the YouTube widget is added onto your site the latest four videos will appear in the right hand side widget. Viewers can play these videos straight from your website, by simply clicking on them. If you don’t already have a YouTube channel you can set one up by clicking on this link

To add the YouTube widget to your website, in the Website Editor Control Panel click on the Widget Manager menu.

Scroll down to the Add New Widget section.

  1. Click to open the drop down list
  2. Click on YouTube
  3. Click Add New Section

The YouTube widget will then appear at the bottom of the list of widgets for your site.
Initially it will be grey in colour, which means it is inactive. 
To make the widget active right click on YouTube and check the Active box.


Click and drag the YouTube widget to where you would like it to appear in your right hand side widget then click Save/Update

Once you have activated the YouTube widget you will then be able to choose the channel you wish to show on your website by following these steps:

Right click on YouTube and click edit.


You then need to enter the name of your YouTube channel, this name will appear at the end of the domain of your channel page (as highlighted below in blue).


Type in the name of your YouTube Channel and click Save.

Return to the Widget Manager and click Save/Update.

When you return to your website you will see the YouTube videos in the right hand widget. 
Please note that if you have added new videos to your YouTube channel it may take a few hours for them to appear on your website YouTube widget.