News in Right Hand Column

A news feed from your website‘s news section can be shown in the right hand column. This is different to a Remote News Feed, which brings in news from an external website.



To add a News Feed to the right hand column:

  1. From the Website Editor Control Panel, click on Widget Manager.
  2. From the ‘Add New Widget‘ drop down list, select ‘News - Widget‘ and click on Add New Section.

  3. Right click on the News - Widget in Sidebar section and select Edit.

  4. There are two options on the Edit screen – (1) select the News section to feed from, and (2) set the maximum number of articles to display. Set your preferences and click on Save.

  5. Return to the Widget Manager.
  6. Right click on the ‘News - Widget‘ section and this time select Configure from the menu.

  7. There are two options for how the News Feed appears in the right-hand column widget – (1) select between showing news headlines or photos, and (2) whether to show the section name (eg. Latest News) as the title for the news feed. Make these selections and click on Save