If you are trying to login and are continually returned to the login page then there are four reasons why this could be.


To access the Site Administration area you must be an authorised Website Editor. If you are from an Asssociation/League, you can gain authorisation from either your State Body or from SportingPulse. If you are from a club, you must get this authorisation from your association as they are responsible for setting up club websites and authorising club Website Editors.

If you have previously been given access before but can no longer login then you will need to contact the person who gave you authorisation before as it may have been revoked.

Incorrect Password

Once you have confirmed that you have been given authorisation to the Website Editor and you are still unable to login then it may be because of an incorrect password. You can get your correct password sent to you via the SP Passport Log In page - https://passport.sportingpulse.com/login/


To be able to login to the Website Editor you need to have Cookies enabled in your Internet Browser. To turn cookies on in your browser simply find your browser below and follow the required steps.

Internet Explorer

  1. Click on the Tools drop down menu from the Toolbar
  2. Click on Internet Options
  3. Select the Privacy Tab
  4. Click on the Advanced button
  5. Check the Override Automatic Cookie Handling box
  6. Ensure that 'First and Third Party Cookies' are set to Accept
  7. Click on OK

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click on the Tools drop down menu from the Toolbar
  2. Click on Options
  3. Click on Privacy Tab
  4. Ensure that 'Accept Cookies from Sites' box is ticked
  5. Click on OK


Some Anti Virus programs may be blocking information from being sent to our servers and this will give the effect of being unable to login to the Website Editor. As each Anti Virus program is different you will need to confirm with the manufacturer about the correct procedure but you will need to add an exception to www.sportingpulse.com so that data can be transferred between your machine and our servers.


New Image Isn't Displaying on the Website

If you have just changed an image on a website and it isn't displaying when you next look at the website you will need to click on your browser's Refresh button so as to force your browser to find a new version of the page.

Once you have done this then the new image will take its place of the old image.


Page appears blank even though content has been added

If your page appears blank even though you have added content to the page, it is because the attachment you have added still has the default caption attached. eg C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\round11.pdf

The website will not accept this caption, so by default the content is hidden until the caption is changed.

  1. To change the caption you need to edit the attachment in your article


  2. Note the default caption is the path of the name


  3. Rename this to a more meaningful caption.


  4. Then press update

  5. Your site should now display the correct information.


A Game Score is Incorrect Online

If you find an error in a website's scores or ladders, you have two options:

a) Click the link, which appears below each results/ladders page “If these results are not up to date or have errors, please Email the Association”. This will open up a new email message addressed to the Association so that you can advise them of the error.

b) Contact your league/association directly via phone or email, as they are the only body that has the ability to amend an incorrect result or ladder.

The contact details for the League/Association should be located on their website.


Creating square images for your site

You will notice that the thumbnails on your site will always be a square shaped image.  Which will mean your image may not display properly if you are using a rectangle or other shaped image.  The below instructions will help you create a square image which will display better on your site.

  1. Find the dimensions of your image.  You can do this by going to windows explorer and right clicking on the image and going to properties.
  2. Take note of the larger dimension (width in the below screenshot) 
  3. Open your image in a graphics program (Paint is standard on most computers and can be accessed from your accessories folder in the start menu)
  4. Open your image in the Paint program.
  5. Once open click edit > select all.
  6. Click edit > copy.
  7. You now need to create a new file click file > new.
  8. Resize the canvas by clicking on the dots around the image until you have a square shape that is the dimensions of the larger dimension of your image. (Note 200px w x 200px h is the ideal image size for rotating sponsors.                                             
  9. Click edit >paste
  10. Your image is now a square shape.  Save it and upload it to the site.