A competition stats widget is available for your standard/advanced website. This widget shows the top five in a stats category for your chosen competition and will appear in your website's right hand column, along with the rest of the widgets we provide.

Here is how to set up this feature:

  1. Click "Widget Manager".

  2. Under add new widget select "Stats" then add new section.

  3. Click "Edit" (you will need to click "Active" when you want it to appear to the public).

  4. Choose your competition press "Save".

You will see your stats widget appear in the right hand column of your website!
If your competition records season competitions stats for multiple stats categories you will see some arrows in the top right hand corner of your widget. This is where you will be able to navigate between the categories.
If your selected competition only records one stat then it will appear without the arrows as shown below.
If your players have images the leader's image will appear as shown below, otherwise the placholder image will appear (as per the above example).