Section Maintenance section can be found from the bottom of either the Content Manager or Widget Manager areas. 

Under ‘Current Sections’, there is a list of sections your site is currently using.

You can remove sections by clicking on Remove next to the relevant section. This will permanently delete this section along with all its content.

The next table on this screen – ‘Add New Sections’ – lists each type of section available and provides a brief description. 

1. To add a section or multiple sections at once, enter the quantity of that particular section type that you wish to add to your site in the ‘Quantity’ field                                                                                                            

2.  Click Add New Section

You can include as many of a particular type of section as you wish (eg. as many news sections, full page sections or profile sections as you like). Sections can be renamed through the Content Manager.

The page will refresh, and you should see a message at the top of the page that says ‘Section/s Added’. The newly added sections will appear in the ‘Current Sections’ list. This process can now be repeated for any other sections you wish to add or remove. 
If you return to your site straight away, you will notice that the newly added section/s are not yet displaying on your website. This is because any new sections will remain hidden until you activate them through the Content Manager or Widget Manager.

For users of Sportzware Central competition software, a number of competition sections can also be displayed on your site.