You can create a menu item with multiple drop down sub-menus. For example, you may want to create a menu item called ‘Inside the League’ or ‘About Us’ that includes several sub menus (eg. History, Committee Members, Contact Us). To do this:

Click on Add New Sub Menu at the bottom of the menu box for which you want to add the sub menu. The sub menu folder will appear at the bottom of the menu tree with the name ‘New Folder’. The folder will be hidden to begin with.


Click on the New Menu you have created.

Give the new folder a name by clicking again to open the text box. Type in the name you want to give the folder. Hit the ‘Enter’ key or click outside of the text box to save the name.

To activate the folder, right click on the folder and click ‘Active’.

Now that you have created the folder, you can add sections to it as sub menus using the drag and drop process.

NOTE: Sub menus can also be created within sub menus, by adding a sub menu folder to an existing sub menu folder (again just use drag and drop).