This is where you can view the images and files in a gallery and add details about those images/files. From the Media Gallery, click on Contents corresponding to the album containing the photos/files you wish to edit, or click on Continue after uploading files from the ‘Upload New Media‘ screen.


You will see the ‘Uploaded Files‘ screen for that album, which shows all the images/files contained within that gallery.

  1. Image Details: allows you to add the image name, source, keywords and description.
  2. Album: allocate the image to a album, or in the text box below, enter the name of a new album. The default gallery will be ‘Unsorted‘.
  3. Description: allows you to provide a description of the photo.
  4. Rotate: allows you to rotate the image.
  5. Crop thumbnail: crop the image thumbnail (not the image itself).
  6. Delete the image.

Enter the information and click on Update to save changes.