Secure/Restrict Access to a Section

Selecting Restrict Access will make that section of the websites available only to pre-approved members. For example, an association or club may want to set up a secure section for coaches, representative players or board members. The general public therefore can not access the section.

People authorised to access the section must have a valid SP Passport . The email address used in their SP Passport registration is used to give authorisation to that person to access the secure section.

To make a section secure:

Right click on the section form within the Content Manager. Click on Restrict Access from the menu. 


It will initially state that 'All Users have Access' (red writing). The section will remain open to the public until someone is added to the list of authorised visitors.

Enter the email addresses of the people who have access to this page (NB: the email address needs to be the same as their Passport email address).

Click Add
The member will be added to the list of authorised people. There is no limit on the number of people who may be allowed to view a page.

In order to access the restricted section on the website, the member must enter their Passport email address and password to access the section. After doing this the first time, the member will remain logged in so should not have to re-enter their Passport username and password on subsequent visits.