Adding a LiveStats Section 

You can add a new section by:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your website and click 'Site Editor'.

2. Once at the following page, click 'Content Manager'.

3. Click the drop down box next to 'Add New Section' and click 'Live Stats'.

4. Right click on 'Live Stats' and click 'Edit'.

5. Enter in LiveStats username and answer the compulsory questions. Click 'Save'.

Please Note: This is the same username that is used to login to You would have received this username from Fox Sports Pulse - if you are not sure, please contact our support. 

6. See the below image showing an example of what this will look like on your website. 


Note: When using a mobile device, the LiveStats section uses the abbreviated names that have been put in the system. If a user has no abbreviated names, then this will appear blank.