From time to time you may experience a computer failure, which causes your computer to freeze or even reset. Because FIBA LiveStats saves automatically after every transaction, you should never lose any work. Your only issue will be recording statistics manually while you are resetting your computer. Once it is reset, re-opening a FIBA LiveStats game file is easy.

Launch FIBA LiveStats then click File then Open


You will automatically be taken the game files directory, select the game file that you were working on.

LiveStats will re-open at the point where your computer froze.

Note: When you re-open a FIBA LiveStats game, perhaps in the middle of a quarter, all of the statistical information toy have recorded until that point will still be available. You can simply click start clock and continue with the game. The game action area however will not show shots for the current quarter, although these are also saved and will appear on a webcast or on the shotchart report.