Application Version

Compatibility notes

Game Duration

Actual game duration in now calculated, this will display on the webcast (V4) and in post game XML. 
Box Score Validation Flag
A validation process has been added to the ORIS boxscore and box score reports, default setting is "NOT VALIDATED. Users can flag a game as validated, at which point the stamp will be removed.
Select Captain Function
Users can now select a game captain from the Game Setup screen. This feature will be available from the Setup screen after completing the game setup wizard and selecting the active roster players. Captain will be indicated on reports and webcast.
Starting five indicator
Starters will be indicated in video data file and webcast.
Shot descriptors
New shot descriptions have been added. 
1. Layup - Occurs when a player runs through the key area and lays the ball into the basket with a one-handed shot, which often rebounds off the backboard before going into the basket. (Please note any fastbreak layup should be awarded as fast break points rather than a lay up).
2. Alley opp - A play in which a pass is lobbed above the basket and a player jumps up and attempts to catch the ball and score before returning to the floor.
3. Put Back has been updated to Tip in per FIBA guidelines.
Update Start List Report
Date of birth added to start list report. This data must be provided via FIBA Organizer or API.

Webcast Version Version 4

Additional Game Details
Additional Details have been added to webcast these include; Game Time, Venue, Country, Referees, Spectators. These must be provided via FIBA Organizer or third party legacy system to display in webcast.
Ajax, allows the FIBA Live Stats web to retrieve data from, the server asynchronously (in the background) without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page. As a result the entire page will no longer refresh and user experience will be improved.
Player Photos
Player images will appear in the webcast if they are active within the SP website network or if a url is provided Game setup XML.
Player Profile URL
A link to the player profile page within the SP network or external profile page (if provided in Game setup XML) will be clickable within the webcast.

Administrator CMS (

Team Logos
Enable administrator to upload team logos for display in webcast. Each team/club has a unique 3-letter code. A single logo can be upload for each unique 3-letter code.  See help article
Youtube Live Stream
Administrator can add a Youtube url to each game within the CMS.  This will activate the video to be displayed in the webcast and allows league to live stream games within the webcast. See help article
Game key Terminology
Match key has been update to Game key.
Season Filter
A season filter has been added to the games list.