A major feature of FIBA LiveStats is free webcasting of games. Anyone who downloads FIBA LiveStats is able to webcast immediately and without cost once they have installed and registered the software and provided you have a reliable Internet Connection.. You have two options when you webcast. The first is that you can webcast your own game at any time. For this you are provided a single match key which will immediately allow you to launch a webcast of any game. The second is a webcast on behalf of a league or tournament, where the match key will be provided by the organisers of the league or tournament.

Starting a Webcast

Preferably before your game starts, click File > Webcast from the LiveStats main screen

There are two options, Private and On behalf of League

Private Webcast

If you are running a private webcast, just use the random automatically generated match key and click Start.

League Webcast

If you started your game by downloading the game data via a match key supplied to you by your League administrator, then the On behalf of League option should be selected by default, with the match key entered also.

Click Start.

NOTE: If your game is closed accidentally or because of a computer fault, when you re-load the game and start the webcast again, you will need to manually enter the match key this time. So ensure that you keep the match key written down somewhere in case you are required to do this for some reason.

After you click Start (which should be at least 5 minutes before the game starts), the below screen will appear:


...and when the game starts, the webcast will display: