If you have tried to sync games up to live.sportingpulse.com and you are not finding them there (if you have no match keys), then there is a simple checklist you can follow that in most cases will solve this problem for you:

  1. Ensure that the 'Days to Upload' field in Upload to Web > LiveStats Sync > Setup is high enough to include the games that are not appearing
  2. Ensure that the games have been configured to be uploaded for LiveStats
  3. Ensure that the games have times, dates and venues
  4. Ensure that your LiveStats Sync username/password matches the Membership Sync username/password
  5. Ensure you have done a Membership Sync
If these steps don't solve your issue, it's possible that your database hasn't been setup to Sync to LiveStats by SportingPulse. If you think this is the case, please create a ticket and ask us to check this for you (we will need to know your Membership Sync Username and your live.sportingpulse.com userID to do this).