This page gives you a brief overview of how FIBA LiveStats integrates with FIBA Organizer. It is assumed that you have already (or know how to) build your FIBA Organizer database with teams, players, schedules etc.

1. Create Clubs, Teams and Venues

2. Insert Players (can be imported directly into Clubs)

3. Create Competition, schedule and configure games to be used with LiveStats.

4. Perform Membership Synchronisation

5. Perform LiveStats Synchronisation

6. To check that the LiveStats Synch worked, click Setup and ensure that there is a match key for each game (you may have to select a competition then scroll to the right side)


 7. Login to and do the following:

  • Create a spreadsheet of all match keys and URLs
  • Upload a logo (ie the League or major Sponsor logo) which is displayed on the webcast
  • Select which languages you wish your webcast games to be available in

8. Send your statisticians their relevant match keys to be used to start the games in LiveStats.

9. Ensure that your statisticians are webcasting their game if they have an internet connection.

10. Ensure that your statisticians upload the game data on completion of the game (feel free to get them to send you a copy of the .FDB file as a backup).

11. At the conclusion of each round FIBA Organizer operator will perform a LiveStats Synchronisation to retrieve all data.

12. Following Live stats synchronisation you should rebuild your competition stats and ladders/standings.

13. You should now upload your data to your FIBA Organizer Website.

14. Check your website to ensure all schedules, statistics and standings are displaying correctly.