While FIBA LiveStats is a free application, and readily available to all Basketball Users, it must be registered so that adequate ongoing support can be provided. When you first downloaded the software, you were prompted to provide some brief details so that we could determine your location. You also needed to provide an email address. An email will have been sent to that address containing your registration code (there is no limit to how many times you download the program). The registration code is a 25 character code, generated randomly.

The Next button will not be available until you have entered your registration code. You cannot use the software until the code has been registered. If you cancel prior to entering your code then you will not be able to use FIBA LiveStats. Right now you should enter your code and then click Next.

Note: (The code below is a sample code only, please do not enter this code into your version of FIBA LiveStats – you must use the version provided to you via email).


If you receive the message below then you have successfully installed and registered FIBA LiveStats. If the registration is unsuccessful then you must click back and re-check the registration key provided to you.


The license code does expire after a certain amount of time. When that expiry draws near, loading the program whilst online should renew the registration for you automatically. If it doesn't, or if you don't load the program during that time, then you will need to download the program again fromwww.fibaorganizer.com to obtain a new free license.