To ensure you have the best possible LiveStats experience, Webcasts need to be used to their full potential. Please refer to the following tips to ensure this is the case for your association:

1) Upload a League/Federation Logo in FIBA Organizer

How? Go to Configuration > Preferences > Logo/Images:

2) Upload Team Logos for all active Teams in FIBA Organizer

How? Go to Competitions > Teams (select a Team) > Colours:

Note: For best results team logos should be high quality PNG 200x200 px

3) Upload Player Photos and ensure all Players have full name in FIBA Organizer

How? Go to Membership > Members and select a Member:

Note: For best results photos should be high quality JPEG 100x100 px (head and shoulders)

4) Add Three Letter Team Codes for Webcasts/Widgets

You must assign a three letter team codes to all teams within FIBA Organizer (e.g. MNU) so that teams display correctly in live Webcasts and FLS Widgets.

How? Go to Competitions > Teams (select a Team) > Team Details > Team Code

Note: Team codes must be three letters (e.g. CHL)

Note: Once you have applied these changes in FIBA Organizer please upload your database to the SPI Datawarehouse again. The result will be Webcasts that display as follows: