At the end of a period you will now be required to confirm the score before proceeding:

This screen will also allow you to print box scores directly ("Print Box Score") and edit actions quickly ("Edit Actions). At this point you will have the ability to make adjustments to the score as required. When Confirm Score is selected you will be prompted for confirmation:

You should only confirm the score when scores have been checked with the scoretable. Once confirmed, changes to the score for that period should not be required thereafter.

As part of this feature you will also be able to select a default printer and box score report during the game setup to fast track the printing process at the end of a period:

In Summary - This new process will help statisticians to ensure a smooth transition to overtime should it occur. The overtime period will no longer be activated until the score at the end of the final period is confirmed. This provides statisticians with an opportunity to correct the score or enter a last second shot.