At the end of each period, a score confirmation process will appear (See image below).

Once the score confirmation appears you should:

  1. Print the box score
  2. Check the game score is correct as per the score bench and score board
  3. Make any required edits to the score
  4. Confirm the period score
  5. Make additional edits to non scoring related actions

We understand it can be difficult to reconcile stats between the 1st and 2nd period. As such stats are often instead corrected at the half time break or at the end of the game when time permits. While we understand these limitations we also recognise the need to ensure fans are being provided with accurate scores throughout the game and feel this should be the main priority.

We therefore recommend statisticians always focus on maintaining the correct scores in FLS and ensure end of period scores are confirmed correctly, even if this means points are assigned to an unknown player and later edited post game, so the correct player receives these points in the box score.

This should take precedence over waiting for an opportunity to insert points for the correct player, as it can often be the source of scores being confirmed and Webcast inaccurately. That way at least the scores are up to date for fans, whilst player stats can always be reconciled later.

Once you have confirmed the score, the below box will appear in the LiveStats program. You must ensure you select confirm before moving to the next period.

Once this is confirmed the program should automatically move to the next into the next period. Statisticians should not start the clock until the game has recommenced and the period has begun.